Alan Green

Alan Green is an award-winning marketeer and panelist. He has a background in film and television production and distribution, sales and marketing. Green has worked in marketing, promotions, and publicity roles on both studios and independents in film and home entertainment distribution. For the last 8 years, Green has transferred his skills to TV and film distribution and production. He works on licensing TV and feature film rights to US and international buyers at all global markets (including MIPTV, MIPCOM, AFM, LA Screenings, Realscreen, DISCOP Africa & Istanbul, NATPE Miami and Eastern Europe, ATF Singapore, Cannes, EFM Berlin, and more). He possesses a strong talent for adapting content to create not only a sales but a marketing approach that gets it into the right clients’ hands. With the onset of digital platforms, Green has been focused on developing networks in this area.

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