Kritik Gaur

Kritik Gaur is the FNL Network Vice President of India, Thailand and Singapore. He is a Marketing and sales expert, Content creator. He has developed himself to a level after serving
for global brands like Walt Disney and Fujiko. F Fujio and his educational background into
entertainment gives him 3 certifications of Journalism Advertising and Business of entertainment.
Having “passionately struggled to achieve his dreams in life”, he made his debut as a CEO in the
world of entertainment by founding “Tiilaasm”, which caters to Film Production, Events and
Festivals. But, he started in 2008 when he just came out of the high school as a Radio Jockey with
Adlabs 92.7 Big Fm. Over the first quarter of his learning, Kritik has served for the Media brands and
tv channels like DNA NEWSPAPER, DOORDARSHAN TV CHANNEL, hosted as a jock into the cricket
stadium during the IPL2013, His idea of creating something out of nothing challenged him to create
something from the rural tourism destination and he invented the page “Pushkar Blog” that created
uproar on Facebook. Through “Tiilaasm”, “Insta_pushkar” and “Pushkar Blog”, Kritik found out the
way into the hearts of not only common people but won the hearts of specialists of Incredible India,
Rajasthan Tourism, Lonely Planet, National Geographic and Getty Images. He has been a solution
provider to his clients in the film industry, in the social media and to the top notch film celebrities
and international photographers.
​His passion for entertainment media and his hunger for gaining heights in this stream, led him to
jump in the riskiest ways of life. Because he feels that “You are made up of the choices you make in
your life”. And believes in creating gold out of sand. He not only left a high package job of corporate
for grabbing his dreams, but he also came back to his home town , which he knew was risky but was
the place from where his plane of dreams had to take off. He first tried his hands on creating pages
like Pushkar Blog and Insta_pushkar on which he gained immense popularity very soon, now
contributes to thousands of followers. Tiilaasm too turned out to be a fortune earner for him, which
took him to great people and great lives. After that, there was no looking back.
This man of substance started his journey long back in the year 2004, when he won KBC as a child
player. Slowly, he entered the world of acting, where he astonished his audience and was awarded
with best actor across the whole state theatre contest consistently from 2001 to 2004.
​In the quest for learning and to help create authentic solution for the consumers of entertainment,
Kritik worked at companies like Flying Dreams Entertainment Ltd, as a Marketing Executive, then as
as Media and Corporate Communications at The Boston Corporation. The source of his motivation
in life came from a certain mishap at the AI Licensing India Pvt. Ltd where he handled an important
position of Marketing and Communications Executive SAARC. For the first time in life, losing temper
proved to be a boon for him. He came down to his home town and focussed
his mind onto his goal of contributing in the best possible manner to the entertainment industry and
of course to the viewers. He always wanted to create solutions into the same sector and wanted to
contribute to the industry rather just making money.
In 2018 Kritik was on the platinum guestlist of American film market officially
invited by MD Johnathan Wolf (AFM LA).
A passionate Marketer
Now on board with FNL Network as the Vice President of India, Thailand and Singapore. He is eying the
broadcast Syndication and content creation for FNL  Network into these markets and he believes that India is
now contributing a lot for the global fashion and entertainment market and this is a high Time for
the brand to shine and rise over the new media streams like Online broadcasting, New ways of
showcasing into Global Cinema and satellite broadcast of new age content. Kritik says he is excelling
at his plans and every failure is an experience to do better and every success is a milestone. He puts
his 100% into each day since he has a belief that you yourself demand a better and more
innovative you and your Paycheck to success is due every day.

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