Furne One

Born in the creative capital of Asia, the Philippines, Furne One found his muse in his mother and grandmother through their personal style. His love for the unique and inherent quintessential edginess inspired the designer to sketch dresses as early as 10 years old. Even though he didn’t train in fashion, Furne’s natural affinity for artistic design pushed him to participate in (and win) the country’s prestigious design competition: MEGA Magazine’s Young Designer of Philippines Award in 1994. Fortuitously, the competition was judged by international fashion players, including lingerie designer Josie Natori. She was so impressed with Furne’s work and understanding of design that she offered him an internship in both her design studios in Paris and New York. As Paris honed his sense of style, New York tweaked his design sensibilities, where his time at FIT allowed Furne’s own signature style to emerge.


Partnering with textile expert Rashid Ali, Furne launched his avant garde label “Amato” in the United Arab Emirates in 2002. Amato, which means ‘beloved’ in Italian, touched a chord with the region’s fashion elite. Inviting UAE’s beautiful women to a style renaissance, Amato broke the glass ceiling through a symphony of style and creativity.


With an inherent passion for couture, Furne fearlessly shows out-of-the-box, unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections. Not a trend follower, he uses his fabric as a canvas for creating ensembles that are not only fashionable but artistic as well.


“My creativity is inspired by my mother and grandmother’s quintessential style that coloured my vision. I have always tried to create exquisite and ethereal designs tempered with a silent touch of strength. My collections aren’t for the fainthearted woman, but one who is comfortable in her skin; her clothes are but a foil to reflect her inner persona.”

Reflecting this aspect of the label, it consistently pushes parameters, evolving from being a Dubai-based label into a global one. Working the fashion week circuit in Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Miami and several other events around the world has caught the attention of an international cult following – from royalty to international celebrities, like supermodel Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks to singing sensations such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger and Jessie J. are all loyal patrons of the paradigmatic couture house.


“When it comes to fashion, of course, I don’t like to be just like everybody else. Having my own identity is very important to me.”