Svetlana Horvat

Svetlana Horvat is the member of the Presidency Board of European Fashion
Council, President of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia , President of Serbia
Fashion Week and President of Serbia Fashion Awards.
Svetlana Horvat is one of the most award-winning fashion designer in the region of
South Eastern Europe . She was born in Novi Sad . For 20 years she has been
working as a designer of unique clothes made of leather and silk and products made
of leather. She studied at the College of Design in Belgrade (leatherdesign major).
Speaks English and some Italian.
In 2002. Svetlana was chosen to receive a scholarship offered by Italian Government
for the expert sudies in leather design field. She spent a year in Italy at the Academy
and design centers studying the techology and design of leather and fashion
Svetlana is member of UPIDIV (Association of arts of applied art and design of
Vojvodina) and International Association of Artist situated in London.
Svetlana was chosen to receive a scholarship by Italian Government, for the expert
studies in a field of management in fashion . During her study in Italy, she learned a
lot at the academy and design centers of the greatest Italian fashion brands,
studying technology and design of leather and fashion management. After her return
to Serbia in 2003, she founded her own company.
For her accomplishments in design, she received over 20 national and international
In her great career, Svetlana had over 40 fashion shows and 12 openings/closures of
the greatest fashion festivals and fashion weeks.
In 1995. she won "ART 95"- artists competition from all around the world and had her
work presented at "54 Art Gallery" Soho, New York at "Top 70 Winners Exhibition".
In 1998. she participated at the fashion event "Largest designer of Yugoslavia"
organized by Yugoslav Government. From 1993 to 1998 she won the most significant
awards in her county such as
• Srebrna Kosuta ( Silver Doe) – International Fashion Fair in Belgrade – 1993,1994
• Reward for design – UPIDIV 1995
• Zlatna Kosuta ( Golden Doe) – International Fashion Fair in Belgrade – 1995,1996
• Zlatan Prsten Kosuta ( Golden Ring Doe) for the best designer of International
Fashion Fair in Belgrade – 1995
Svetlana designed dresses for the "Miss World" competition for the girls who
represented Serbia (Miss Serbia) and Montenegro (Miss Montenegro).
She created collection "The Truth" inspired by Serbian ethno motives which was
exhibited at the famous "Les Salons du Louvre" in Paris , so finally her work was
presented in Paris (2006).
In 2008 she created collection "Believe" (hand painted silk) which had premiere in the
City Hall of Novi Sad. In 2008 Svetlana received Award from "MLJ MEDIA"
Paris, and "Fashion Insider TV" Paris – "Fashion Insider Spirit Achievement Aword"
for unwavering dedicaton and commitment in internationalizing the fashion industry of

Serbia and for efforts in bringing global attention to the fashion, textiles and related
industries of the Balcan states.
Her latest activities resulted of becoming the President of the "National Fashion
Chamber of Serbia" and the Board Member of the" European Fashion Council".
Serbia became the 19th Member state of Europena Fashion Council , through official
representative – "National Fashion Chamber of Serbia" by the Resolution
From 2012, when she established Serbia Fashion Week, she sign 31 contract of
cooperation with 31 fashion weeks all around the World. She established „Designer
Exchange Program“ inside European Fashion Council and become one of the most
influential person in a global fashion.
Nowadays, Svetlana runnes 5 th biggest fashion week in Europe – Serbia Fashion